One Tree Planted

I am very pleased to announce that I am partnering with the One Tree Planted organization. Which means for each piece I sell, one tree is planted.



Nature is my inspiration for so many of my pottery ideas, and the reason behind the name. Honua means land, earth, and world, and seemed fitting due to the nature of ceramics, and my desire to give back through planting trees.  

I care deeply about our environment and try to run my business as environmentally friendly as possible. The boxes I use to package my pieces are not only recyclable, but 70% of each box is made from recycled material. All of my packaging is recyclable, including my packaging peanuts which are compostable. 

Their mission: Is to create a world full of trees, for clean air, biodiversity, social impact, and a healthy environment for all. To do that, they accept donations from individuals, businesses, and foundations, match those up with vetted forestry partners, and keep track of reforestation projects everywhere from Colorado to Indonesia.

One dollar = One tree. 

With every sale of my hand made pottery, you are supporting my small business, which I greatly appreciate; and you are directly helping to plant more trees.

Thank you so much.